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Reuben Foundation Donates £100,000 to Manchester Fund

The Reuben Foundation made a donation of £100,000 to the We Love Manchester Emergency Fund, set up by Manchester City Council in partnership with the British Red Cross for people affected by the devastating attack in Manchester.

This support offered to the Manchester community all forms part of the Reuben Foundation’s commitment to the betterment of society in the UK and around the globe through focused charitable giving in the areas of community, education and health.

Thank you Letter from British Red Cross acknowledging the Reuben Foundation’s support:

Reuben Foundation
Millbank Tower
21-24 Millbank
London SW1P 4QP
8 June 2017

Dear Reuben Foundation,

Thank you once again for last week’s incredibly generous donation from the Reuben Foundation to the We Love Manchester Emergency Fund.

I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself and to give you an update on the We Love Manchester Emergency Fund, almost three weeks on from the terrible attack at the Manchester Arena.  The Fund has now raised over £10m, including £2.75m raised during the course of Sunday’s concert.

The We Love Manchester Emergency Fund is already allocating money to help the people who need it with whatever they need – for example after the London Bombings in 2005, the fund established then helped people who had spent time in hospital and needed assistance with rent, day-to-day living costs while they could not work, people who had life-changing injuries and needed to make adjustments at home.  The We Love Manchester Emergency Fund is working to a similar model, with funds granted to those who have been bereaved, or have spent time in hospital.

BRC volunteers and staff have continued to offer support where we are needed in Manchester.  The We Love Manchester Emergency Fund Support Line is still providing practical and emotional support, and help to those who wish to make a claim for money from the Fund.  In the immediate aftermath our staff and volunteers provided practical and emotional support at the rest centre at the Etihad stadium, supporting families and also staff at some of the hospitals. Our ambulances also helped some of the local hospitals to transport patients home, freeing up beds. Our volunteers were also on hand at the One Love Manchester on Sunday 04 June, assisting Trafford City Council and providing psychosocial support to anyone who needed it.

You are probably also aware that since the terrible attack in London on Saturday 3rd, and in response to the growing number of families and people affected by these incidents, the British Red Cross has launched the UK Solidarity Fund to provide support to those affected by these events and any similar occurrences in the future.  This fund will help victims of terror attacks anywhere in the UK, starting with London.  The We Love Manchester Emergency Fund will still continue separately and as originally described, and will support the people affected by the attack in Manchester.

Allow me to thank the Reuben Foundation once again for your generous donation, and I would be more than happy to talk through any of this with you or any of the other trustees if you would like.

Best wishes,

British Red Cross|44 Moorfields|London|EC2Y 9AL