Initiatives Overview

The Reuben Foundation is committed to making essential contributions to the advancement of healthcare and education worldwide.

Recent notable donations include The Reuben Foundation Maternity Centre at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, The Reuben Gallery at the BAFTA home on 195 Piccadilly, the Stanley Kubrick exhibition at The Design Museum, and the BFI Future Film programme and Festival.

The Foundation also sponsors a comprehensive programme of international scholarships including The Reuben Scholarship Programme in partnership with the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge, UCL and ARK Schools.

Significant past endowments include The Nancy Reuben Comprehensive Breast Care Centres in Israel, The Reuben BFI Library, The Reuben Foundation Children’s Cancer Centre at Great Ormond Street Hospital, The Reuben Imaging Centre at The Royal Marsden Hospital, and the Lyric Theatre, Hammersmith Reuben Foundation Wing.


“We believe in spearheading life-saving and life-enhancing research and treatments for our community, and especially our children.”

The state-of-the-art Reuben Foundation Maternity Centre at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital was inaugurated in Autumn 2018. This endowment represents the next phase in the Foundation’s significant support of the Health sector, with paediatric care at its heart. Notable donations include the Reuben Foundation Children’s Cancer Centre at Great Ormond Street Hospital, and the Reuben Centre for Paediatric Virology and Metagenomics at UCL and GOSH. The Foundation’s dedication to improving medical services globally is further illustrated by the Reuben Foundation Imaging Centre at the Royal Marsden Hospital.


“Art gives us a greater awareness of what matters to us in our hearts.”

Major cultural endowments are the cornerstone of the Foundation’s work. The BFI Reuben Library at BFI Southbank, the BAFTA Reuben Gallery, and the pioneering Lyric Theatre, Hammersmith Reuben Foundation Wing, all are exemplary illustrations of the legacy the Foundation is striving to build. The Reuben Foundation has contributed to The Mayor’s Fund, Tate Museum, the Museum of London, and other organisations who support the Arts, as well as funding exhibitions such as the Stanley Kubrick exhibition at The Design Museum, and the Truth and Memory exhibition at the Imperial War Museum.


“We strive to foster an inclusive culture championing diversity and bringing people from all walks of life together towards a shared vision for our community.”

Launching the Team London volunteer scheme in partnership with the Mayor of London, and a collaboration with Centrepoint are at the forefront of the Foundation’s dedication to Community work. The Reuben Foundation has also contributed to the Simon Wiesenthal Centre (USA), the British Red Cross, the Monaco Outward Bound Association & UK Outward Bound Trust, and the Haiti Project. Numerous additional community projects have been supported by joining forces with other organisations, such as the Stelios Food From the Heart initiative, amongst others.


“We believe in transforming lives through education, and giving young people real choices, regardless of their background.”

The flagship Reuben Scholarships Programme, that is run in collaboration with the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge, UCL and ARK Schools, assists graduate and post-graduate students with tuition fees and living costs throughout their studies. Further educational endowments include the BAFTA Reuben Scholarships, and the Reuben Foundation Impact Scholarships – Israel. The Reuben Foundation has established the Reuben Business Faculty at Oxford Spires Academy in the UK.

Education is the most powerful resource.

The Reuben Foundation


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