Boys Town Reuben Scholars

Boys Town Jerusalem

In 2019 the Reuben Foundation expanded its scholarship programme through its Boys Town Reuben Scholars. Boys Town Jerusalem is an 18 acre residential school near Mount Herzl in Jerusalem for 12 to 20 year old boys. Most students arrive from vulnerable and economically disadvantaged backgrounds to benefit from a first-class secular education, full boarding facilities, freshly-prepared meals, counselling and extra-curricular activities.

The Scholarships have been granted to boys at the College of Applied Engineering, a programme run in partnership with the IDF where high achieving school graduates defer their military service at 18 years old in order to complete a full time two year training track. At the end of their studies the young men join the IDF’s applied, electrical, or software, engineering divisions to work supporting the nation’s aircraft, weapons and cybersecurity systems.

The Reuben Foundation has sponsored nine graduates of the College of Applied Engineering to date.