The Reuben Scholarship Programme

Universities of Oxford and Cambridge, ARK Schools

Instituted by Lisa Reuben-Valk, the Reuben Foundation provided a multi-million pound endowment in 2012, establishing the Reuben Scholarship Programme, which has and continues to assist hundreds of the most talented students from less advantaged backgrounds with financial support towards living costs and academic fees. The Reuben Scholarships Programme runs in partnership with the Universities of Oxford, Cambridge, UCL and Ark Schools. 

Cambridge Reuben Scholarships

Oxford Reuben Scholarships

To date, there are over 1300 Reuben Scholars, both current and alumni.

Furthermore we have developed the Reuben Scholarship Alumni Network, establishing a community of present and past Reuben Scholars for life and career networking. More information about our alumni network can be found here Reuben Scholarship Alumni Network

The Reuben Foundation has also established a programme for Reuben Postgraduate Scholarships directed at students resident in Israel wanting to pursue a postgraduate degree at either Oxford or Cambridge Universities.


Reuben Scholar Success Story

Former Walworth Academy student Jeremy Ogunleye, who has just completed a degree in English Language and Literature at Oxford, says: “It’s been a life-changing experience and a challenge that was made possible with help from Ark and the Reuben Scholarship – I’ve had three of the best years of my life.”

Jeremy was one of the first recipients of The Reuben Scholarships Programme at Ark – securing £10,000 per year to help fund his studies.

First Cohort of Reuben Scholars attending Reuben College, Oxford University / 2021