London scheme launched to find 10,000 volunteers

30 June 2011

BBC News

A £4.5m scheme has been launched to find 10,000 volunteers to “improve the quality of life” in London.

Six projects will seek people to give their time to youth groups, mentoring, sports coaching, tree planting and learning support for older people.

Team London is based on the Cities of Service Model scheme which operates in 100 cities across the US.

London Mayor Boris Johnson asked Londoners to make an “extraordinary difference”.

‘Incredible goodwill’

The Reuben Foundation has provided an initial funding of £2m, with the rest coming from the Mayor of London.

The US scheme took off in New York under its Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who provided support and resources to the London scheme, which will see the public and private sector and voluntary organisations coordinating community activities.

Bloomberg LP, IBM, Procter & Gamble and Mastercard, have signed up to the scheme.

Mr Johnson said: “All across the capital, ordinary Londoners are making an extraordinary difference by volunteering their time.

“We want to harness this incredible goodwill and the generous philanthropy of the capital’s businesses, to make London a safer, cleaner, greener and stronger city.”