Nancy Reuben Primary School

Named in honour of David and Simon Reuben’s mother, the Nancy Reuben Primary School was founded in 2004. A private school of approximately 250 children, the NRPS receives no government subsidies. The Reuben Foundation continues to take an active role in the school’s well being with monthly funding.

In 2007 the school received a stellar report from Ofsted. The report particularly highlighted that “care and respect for others permeate the entire curriculum”. In 2009, the Nancy Reuben Primary School was the proud recipient of the Annual Inter-school Quiz and awarder with a Silver Trophy dish. The event was attended by 240 people representing 12 primary schools; NRPS was proud to host this event in 2010.

In recognition of the Nancy Reuben’s Primary School Bar Mitzvah, a gala dinner and celebration was held September 17, 2014.
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