Reuben Foundation Centre for Paedeatric Virology

The Reuben Centre for Paediatric Virology and Metagenomics (RCPVM) has been established at Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) and the UCL Institute of Child Health (ICH). Under the leadership of international experts, Professor Nigel Klein and Professor Judy Breuer, the RCPVM represents a unique opportunity to improve understanding of viral infections and to translate research findings into faster, more personalised treatment for children with severe viral infections.

In 2013, the Reuben Foundation hosted an evening for 350 guests, and, along with a commitment from the Reuben Foundation, raised £500,000 for the new Centre.

The Reuben Foundation Update Report Feb 2017

testimonials / comments

Professor Nigel Klein and Professor Judy Breuer:

“The wonderful support of the Reuben Foundation and family has really kickstarted this exciting and unique body of work and we have already started to see the benefits of your investment. For example, we are one of only a few places in the world able to routinely use cutting edge new sequencing methods to identify viruses causing brain infections. This technology has already led to improved management of children with these devastating infections and, thanks to your generous support, we hope to achieve so much more over the coming years.”