The Reuben Foundation Wing at the Lyric Theatre

The Reuben Foundation Wing at the Lyric Theatre, Hammersmith, is a two-storey extension, offering a range of brand new facilities to benefit young people, wishing to learn and gain experience in the creative industry. The new wing marks the first major facelift for the theatre in 30 years and further reinforces the theatre’s growing reputation as one of the capital’s most sustainable cultural buildings.

The Mayor of London Boris Johnson visited the theatre and commented on the positive effect of the expansion through the Reuben Foundation Wing will benefit young Londoners: “The Reuben Foundation is having an enormously positive impact on the lives of Londoners, as we have seen with its support for our own Team London Programme [which is also in partnership with the Reuben Foundation]. This is a fine example of philanthropic giving, which is hugely important for our cultural institutions and it means the Lyric will be able to expand and sustain its excellent work for years to come.”

The brand new state-of-the-art facilities will provide thousands more young people with opportunities to engage with, learn about and gain experience of different aspects of the creative industries. The Reuben Foundation Wing offers drama, dance and recording studios, an editing suite, music practice rooms, a film & TV studio, a screening room, a digital playspace, a sensory space for children with disabilities, props and costume stores, wardrobe and scenic workshops, meeting and seminar rooms, staff offices and social spaces.

The Reuben Foundation Wing at the Lyric Theatre Hammersmith was officially opened in a star-studded event hosted by the Reuben Foundation in the new £20m redevelopment in May 2015. The evening began with a performance of the new stage version of Sir Alan Parker’s Bugsy Malone, and was followed by attended by some 500 people, including numerous well-known faces from business and the arts.


testimonials / comments

Lyric Hammersmith Executive Director Jessica Hepburn commented:

“The Reuben Foundation is an exemplary charitable organisation; recognising the value of investing in the creative futures of coming generations. We’re incredibly grateful to receive their recognition and support for our project, which we hope will give young Londoners the confidence and experience to achieve their best in all areas of life.”