Reuben Scholarship Programme

Launched with a multi-million pound endowment, the Reuben Scholarship Programme assists bright students from disadvantaged backgrounds with financial support to continue their education and to ensure that university is an option very much open to them. The Reuben Scholarship Programme was created in partnership with the University of Oxford, UCL and ARK Schools and has now been extended to the University of Cambridge. The Foundation’s partnership with ARK Schools has proven effective in encouraging inner city children to realise from an early age that a university education is a realistic and achievable option for all, regardless of circumstances. Now more than ever, given the increasing cost of attending university, the hope is that this Programme will inspire others and play a role in opening doors to those who thought university was closed to them.

Expansion of the Reuben Scholarship Programme:

The Reuben Foundation has expanded the Reuben Scholarship Programme to include postgraduate students. The Reuben Postgraduate Scholarships will enable outstanding students from Israel to gain a postgraduate degree from either Oxford or Cambridge universities.

Oxford-Reuben Foundation Graduate Scholarships

The Reuben Foundation have started a scholarship programme aimed at graduate residents in Israel who demonstrate exceptional academic merit and/or potential and who are commencing a course of study at the University of Oxford.

Reuben Graduate Scholarships are made through an endowment fund and will be awarded to one Master’s student per annum and one PhD student every 4 years in perpetuity

Cambridge-Reuben Foundation Graduate Scholarships

The Reuben Foundation has also extended its partnership with the University of Cambridge to enable outstanding students from Israel to gain a postgraduate degree from Cambridge.

It is expected that two new Masters scholarships and one new PhD scholarship will be awarded in each academic year. Up to fifteen new scholarships will be awarded in the five academic years 2016-17 to 2020-21 inclusive.


testimonials / comments

Lucy Heller, Managing Director of ARK Schools said:

“ARK Schools’ mission is to try to ensure that young people who might not have dreamed of studying at university can take up the life changing opportunities it offers. We are thrilled that the Reuben Foundation is working with ARK Schools to help some of our students realise their ambitions.”

Professor Sir Leszek Borysiewicz, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Cambridge, said:

“I’m delighted the Reuben Foundation has enabled us to provide these Bursaries, which will make a significant contribution towards the accommodation and subsistence costs of studying at Cambridge.”


Professor Andrew Hamilton, Vice-Chancellor, the University of Oxford, said:

“The University of Oxford is committed to attracting and investing in the most talented students, regardless of their background or financial circumstances. In a funding regime of increased undergraduate tuition fees, there is a clear need to provide support that enables students from low-income households to come to Oxford. The University has created the most generous financial support package in the country, which provides students from the UK and EU with fee remission and maintenance bursaries. Students from the most disadvantaged backgrounds will receive support averaging £7,500 per year. I am delighted that the Reuben Foundation recognises the importance of such provision and that it will be generously supporting 15 Oxford undergraduate students over the next three years. We hope the Reuben Foundation’s support will – in turn, inspire others to support our programme of bursary provision. We look forward to welcoming our Reuben Scholars to Oxford.”


UCL Provost Malcolm Grant said:

“I am delighted that the Reuben Foundation has chosen to set up the Reuben Foundation Scholarship at UCL. At UCL, we are wholeheartedly committed to ensuring that all students with the potential to achieve excellence are able to attend our institution, regardless of their background and personal circumstances. This new programme will give 15 students from underprivileged backgrounds the support they sorely need to enable them to receive a world class education and fulfil their potential.”



Jake – Reuben Scholar
Miski – Reuben Scholar
Hamdi Ahmed
Jeremy Ogunleye