Shree Bal Mandir School, Nepal

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The Reuben Foundation was pleased to provide funding for the construction of a two-story building at Shree Bal Mandir Lower Secondary School in Nepal. The new building, named after the Reuben Foundation, provides four additional classrooms with each classroom accommodating 45 students.

Located in the Neelkantha VDC, Dhading District to the west of Kathmandu, the school currently has 504 students and 15 teachers. The new building has been built from brick and cement mortar with a solid, concrete roof to control the temperature inside the classrooms. Each classroom has large windows as well as ceilings of adequate height to ensure proper ventilation.


Headmistress Parbati Adhikari is excited about the new school building:

“The entire school faculty and the students are very happy to study in a new building with adequate space. In old classrooms they had to face problems like roof leakage and poor ventilation and the classrooms were also overcrowded.”

The students are especially delighted to study in their new classrooms.

Seventh grade student Ranjita Rijal elaborates:

“Our old classrooms were not all that conducive to learning. It was difficult for us to conduct classes in rainy season because the roof leaked. Now, we have decent rooms with good ventilation and ample space to move about. Now, our teacher can also move about the classroom freely.”