Nancy Reuben Primary School

Primary School, Hendon, London

Named in honour of David and Simon Reuben’s mother, the Nancy Reuben Primary School was founded in 2004. A private school of approximately 250 children, the NRPS receives no government subsidies. The Reuben Foundation continues to take an active role in the school’s wellbeing.

Nancy Reuben Primary School

Nancy Reuben was born in 1914, in Baghdad. She came to the UK in the 1950’s and was married to David Sassoon Reuben. She is the second daughter to Aziza Nissan Jiddah and Solomon. Nancy Reuben was close to her three sisters.

Nancy Reuben was a very generous natured woman who kept a low profile. She was the matriarch of the family and was loved greatly by all her children and grandchildren who used to visit her regularly at her apartment in Kensington, London. She had an alert mind and was always very up to date with current affairs. She was also deeply committed to her Jewish heritage and read psalms every day from a small book she kept by her bedside.

It is most fitting that the memory of this truly special woman, who loved children so deeply and upheld Jewish values in all she did, be kept alive through the establishment of a Jewish school in her name.  Nancy Reuben’s Yartzheit is 11 Kislev.  On this date, the school holds an assembly in the Nancy Reuben Hall.  Dayan David who knew Nancy Reuben speaks to the children about her.