Team London

Project Launch and Awards Ceremony with The Mayor of London

June 2011 and March 2012

In partnership with the Mayor of London, the Reuben Foundation launched Team London through a multi-million pound endowment.

Based on a programme initially developed for the Mayor of New York, Team London is an ambitious vision for “impact volunteering”, which encourages individuals, public and private organisations, and the voluntary sector to work together to transform communities and the lives of Londoners, particularly in priority need areas.

The programme targets London’s most urgent community needs, namely crime, improving quality of life, and increasing youth opportunities.

The programme’s public opening took place in June 2011 at City Hall with the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, and the Prime Minister’s wife, Samantha Cameron. The Mayor, Mrs Cameron, and James Reuben each gave speeches to mark the launch of the Team London programme.

The Team London Awards were held at City Hall on 1st March 2012 hosted by the Reuben Foundation and the Mayor of London. The awards recognised the impact specific individuals have made in helping others and improving life in London through Team London. The awards were a celebration of the c. 100,000 people who have joined Team London to help support young people, reduce crime, bring communities closer together, and give the city cleaner and greener spaces.

Team London