Reuben Foundation Covid-19 Emergency Support

11 May 2020

The Reuben Foundation has allocated up to $50 million to support causes relating to COVID-19.

Given the sheer scale of the impact that the pandemic is having on people, the Reuben Foundation is allocating these additional funds to support a variety of critical causes. These include initiatives already supported by the Reuben Foundation which are impacted by the pandemic – e.g. the homeless (particularly homeless youth), hospitals including Great Ormond Street and the Royal Marsden as well as increasing the number of Reuben Scholarships by up to another 100 scholars given the enhanced need for these individuals who have been affected at this time of crisis.

The Reuben Foundation are also supporting research on COVID-19 (including vaccine development) as well as wider virology and infectious disease research.

Relating to the pandemic, the Reuben Foundation have already made the following donations:

  • Tens of thousands of protective masks to:
    • Chelsea & Westminster Hospital (NHS)
      See short film that brings to life the work of the hospital over the course of the COVID-19 outbreak:
    • John Radcliffe Hospital (NHS)
    • Centrepoint (to support homeless young people)
    • University of Miami Hospital
    • Holy Cross Hospital Fort Lauderdale
  • Donations to the following Covid-19 vaccine research initiatives:
    • Oxford University – Researchers from the Oxford Vaccine Group and Oxford’s Jenner Institute who have identified a vaccine candidate for COVID-19.
    • Cambridge University
    • Imperial College
    • Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital / UCL (joint research programme)
  • Donations towards front-line NHS staff
    • NHS Charities – who have a network of 140 NHS Hospitals across the UK – all funds go towards actual services, including food and equipment for front-line NHS staff
    • The Royal Marsden Hospital (NHS)
    • Deliveroo – Feeding the Front Lines: Food delivery vouchers of £15 to be accessed by 60,000 NHS staff
    • Felix Project (food delivery to the homeless, children and low-income families across London)
    • St Mary’s Paddington – providing M&S food vouchers to NHS staff at this hospital
    • The Trussell Trust (national food bank)
    • Providing funds to families in need and to individuals at this time of crisis
  • Education: grants to students from disadvantaged backgrounds to continue their education – through our partnerships with ARK Academies and the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge. This is an ongoing support programme which we are looking to continue to grow significantly
  • Ongoing / future funding:
    • Continued purchasing of protective masks to support the NHS
    • Continued donations to food and provisions for front-line NHS staff
    • Continued support to families in need and to individuals at this time of crisis
    • Research: continued support to scientific research (including virology and vaccine development)
    • Continued funding of educational support to students from disadvantaged backgrounds
    • Working on a project that will measure and support NHS front-line staff after the pandemic (including PTSD diagnosis and support)