Reuben Scholarship Alumni Network

The Reuben Foundation has worked with a dedicated group of former Reuben Scholars to establish the Reuben Scholarship Alumni Network. The aim is to create a supportive and participatory alumni network, which can be tapped into by Reuben Scholars to connect with one another, access networking events and benefit from career development opportunities.

Running in partnership with the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge, and Ark Schools, the Reuben Scholarship Programme has assisted hundreds of the most talented students from less advantaged backgrounds with financial support towards living costs and academic fees.

Established by Lisa Reuben Valk in 2012, the Reuben Scholarship Programme now has 680 Reuben Scholars currently enrolled and over 670 alumni. The dedicated LinkedIn group for the alumni network can be accessed here.

We have arranged exclusive internships and career development opportunities for Reuben Scholars, and established partnerships with prestigious companies in finance, architecture, and pharmaceuticals.

We would like to thank the following companies for partnering with the Reuben Foundation to provide these opportunities:

These internships have been invaluable for the professional development of Reuben Scholars. You can learn about the impact of these internships below:

Georgi Nedyalkov – Cerberus Capital Management

Summer Internship
Duration: 8 weeks
Team: Global Financial Opportunities
Industry: Private Equity/Finance

I had a fantastic experience at Cerberus Capital Management during my internship. Over the summer, I had the privilege of working on three live deals, where I supported the investment team by creating financial models and conducting industry analyses. I also had the opportunity to attend internal and external meetings, which gave me valuable exposure to the workings of the finance industry.

The people at the firm were incredibly supportive and always ready to assist me when I faced challenges. This support system allowed me to learn a tremendous amount in a short period, helping me improve both my technical skills and interpersonal abilities.

One of the most significant benefits of this internship was the opportunity to expand my professional network. I built lasting relationships with colleagues at the firm, which I believe will greatly benefit my future career.

I want to express my immense gratitude to the Reuben Foundation for making this experience possible. I highly recommend this internship to other Reuben Scholars, as it has the potential to be a transformative experience in their professional development.

Daniella Kadibu – Hale Brown Architects


I’m very grateful for the internship opportunity provided by the Reuben Scholarship Programme. Through them, I was able to get hands-on work experience at an architectural firm called Hale Brown Architects. I was given an existing project to work on, which consisted of building a house extension. While working on this project, I learnt how to use an architecture software, called VectorWorks, which I used to draw up the proposed plans and elevations. I then made a 3D model of the extension so that the client could get a glimpse of what it might look like once done. SketchUp also gives you the ability to add materials that gives you a feel of what the environment might feel like. I was also given the opportunity to go on many site visits and meetings to see what it’s like to work with non-architects on a project. An interesting project I visited was an eco-friendly, sustainable office building which has a lot of green spaces that promote communal gatherings. It’s a pre-existing building making it more sustainable in reducing carbon emissions.

“I’m very thankful for this opportunity as it’s reinforced my passion for architecture and has been an eye-opening experience to what it will be like once I start practicing.”

Advisory Board

To further develop partnerships and provide exclusive internships for Reuben Scholars. the Reuben Scholarship Programme is putting together an advisory board of industry leaders and entrepreneurs.

We would like to thank the following individuals for their dedication and expertise:

Sayoko Knight Teitelbaum

LinkedIn | @sayokotbaum

Sayoko Teitelbaum is a seasoned professional with a diverse background in media and technology, spanning over two decades. Her experience includes operational roles at Cendant and CBS, where she developed a deep understanding of the digital landscape. Demonstrating an entrepreneurial spirit, Sayoko ventured into building a mobile content publishing platform, showcasing her ability to innovate and iterate in a rapidly evolving technological environment.

Transitioning from her hands-on roles in media and tech, Sayoko has shifted her focus towards investment, particularly in early stage, growth technology and consumer brands. Her keen eye for operational opportunities and her talent for connecting people have been instrumental in her success in this arena. Sayoko is also involved in various film projects, including the development of a limited series on Clementine Churchill.

Sayoko’s role extends beyond the professional sphere as she dedicates time to supporting various charitable organisations. She is actively involved with Great Ormond Street, Make-a-Wish Foundation UK, Reuben Foundation and Westminster School, contributing her expertise and resources to make a meaningful impact.